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Little Bear's owner/father received a phone call about a month after he adopted Little Bear to learn that the little four week old puppy was actually fostered by a presidential family.  Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in fact.

It was learned that Little Bear was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles at only a few weeks old.  He was starving, and sick with the Parvovirus.  The virus can be deadly if not treated immediately.  Thankfully, the Reagans rushed Little Bear to the vets who put the little puppy on intravenous for four days.  Miraculously, on the fourth day, Little Bear woke up and was ready to play!

One fateful autumn day, Bryan Michael Stoller was enjoying a bagel and cream cheese at his favorite bagel place, when he encounter a young lady carrying an adorable puppy.  Bryan fell in love with the little fur ball and was told the puppy was looking for a good home.  Bryan did not know the little guy's origins until a month after adopting Little Bear.   What a surprise when he found out his little puppy had presidential papers.  This is what inspired Bryan to write FIRST DOG with his puppy in the starring role as the four-legged National Treasure.

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LITTLE BEAR'S STORY continues.....

It is almost 2018, and Little Bear is now 15.4 years old!

Since FIRST DOG there have been some more fascinating news on Little Bear's journey:

From the success of FIRST DOG, Little Bear's owner, Bryan Michael Stoller, was contacted by a breeder who informed him that Little Bear was not a Queensland Heeler, but a very rare Kai Ken from Japan.  Most people including veterinarians have never heard of the Kai Ken.  There are less than 125 known Kai Kens in all of North America.


Little Bear is also licensed as a registered Service Animal and visits Children hospitals, including working with the elderly and autistic children.


Mayer Eric Garcetti presented a Proclamation from the City of Los Angeles to Little Bear for his philanthropic work as a service dog as well as his wholesome family movies that inspire audiences of all ages. 

Little Bear went on to star in THE AMAZING WIZARD OF PAWS as a 600 year old magical dog owned by a great and powerful Wizard.  The film aired on CBS in syndication, was available on Redbox and Netflix.  The film currently has over One Million views on Youtube with major commercial sponsors.

Little Bear's newest movie is SANTA STOLE OUR DOG with Ed Asner (ELF) as the jolly old St. Nick.  The film was picked up by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.  It is currently available at most retailers, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.  The film is also available on iTunes, and most cable outlets on Pay Per View, Spectrum, Dish etc.  Redbox also carries the film at Christmas time.

Dolly Parton was inspired by Little Bear and even wrote some songs for two of his movies.

Little Bear is working on his latest project -- a DOGumentary entitled:  RUDY BEAR: FIRST DOG "from the dog house to the White House."  The dogumentary is based on the true story of Little Bear being rescued off the streets by the Reagans, to becoming a licensed Service Dog and a Hollywood movie star.


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